Why I’m really glad I ended picking Beehiiv

I launched my first-ever newsletter, The Tennis Sweet Spot, last April, but it took me months of research before I finally hit the publish button. Before making a decision, I compared everything I could possibly compare. I Googled “best newsletter platforms” like there was no tomorrow. I examined each free or paid plan known to Earth.

And so I landed on Beehiiv, and I’ve been very happy with my choice so far. Why? Here are the main reasons:

  • The amount of tools available to grow and monetize (the polls, the surveys, the detailed analytics, the ads, the boosts, etc.) your newsletter and how professional the result it.

  • The quality of the editor and its options to write your posts.

  • You’re getting an editor for your newsletter, a distributor for your newsletter, a marketing agency for your newsletter and you’re also getting the option to host a website for your newsletter

  • How easy it’s been to set up and to use: no code needed whatsoever, so many integrations, images being automatically optimized, everything is responsive for mobile

  • The feeling that the people behind Beehiiv, former Morning Brew staff, have clear goals for their company and so you’re part of a successful adventure. There’s a real “community” feeling going on, with many people you can interact with as they’re also trying to grow their own newsletters.

  • The reliability and reactivity of the customer support service: the little things that misfired were answered and solved so fast + people were extremely nice about it

  • It’s easy to find a paid plan that will give you what you need without breaking your bank account.

Why listen to me? I’ve been working in media for the past 18 years, mainly in written press and online media but also as a broadcaster. I’ve tried many, many, editing tools through the years and right now I haven’t found something better than the Beehiiv platform. For someone who doesn’t want to get overwhelmed by coding, plug-ins, widgets and several software to be used to get the end-result, I cannot recommend Beehiiv enough. I wanted a all-in-on platformer in order to gain time and keep my sanity, and that’s exactly what I got.

Interested in joining the Beehiiv adventure? Enjoy a free trial and 20% off the Beehiiv’s plans on me!