Get to know the Editor

I’m Carole, the editor of Tennis Sweet Spot (aka TSS), a newsletter that lands three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) in your inbox. I know you’re busy, and that your time is precious, so all will be kept concise and straight to the point.

I’ve been working as a tennis writer for (already!) 18 years, covering the Tour for the written press but also as a broadcaster, both in French and in English. Traditional media or digital media, on the ground or in a newsroom, I’ve done it all.

I’m also the author of the book The Quest about Novak Djokovic’s historical win at Roland-Garros in 2016, written with the collaboration of Djokovic and his team, with also many other tennis insiders interviewed. I’ve also translated, for France, Maria Sharapova’s book “Unstoppable”.

I’ve been hitching to create something new in tennis for some time and I believe a curated newsletter is the right format to launch now to provide a different kind of value to anyone having an interest in tennis. I’m also a huge newsletter reader (all things Morning Brew, The Gist, etc.) and always love to see them pop up in my inbox every day or every week.

You will have access to all the content of the newsletters through that website. It’s all archived for you, including the tips and recommendations!


As the name says, the goal is to hit the tennis sweet spot: filtering the news from reliable sources (should be obvious, but in this day and age…) to give you the most impactful stories, and decrypting what’s happening in the professional tennis world. Cutting through the noise, and keeping it all entertaining so you get the gist of it all. I aim to hit all these targets.

You can expect a curation of what’s happening in professional tennis on and off the court (results, business, training, culture, pop culture, powers that be, entertainment, lifestyle, and of course drama as there is rarely tennis-without-drama), as well as some original features.

Whatever happens, you will be kept in the loop. At a time when the sport seems about to be at a crossroads, I believe there’s also a need for curating and decrypting it all.

TSS also aims to become a place where tennis people from the whole spectrum come to share their thoughts, experiences, business ideas, and even training tips. Where we politely agree to disagree. Where we share the tea, the tips, and the recommendations about whatever might be useful for you, readers.

Here are some examples of my work in case you’re curious (and for some, in case you also speak French!):

French articles published in Le Parisien and L’Equipe: